Survival International

Keep it safe & legal

Don’t let anything stand in the way of your event being a huge success.

Events need to be adequately risk-assessed to find, reduce and control the risk to all those taking part and members of the public who may be attending.

We recommend you complete a risk assessment early on in your event planning. Help on how to complete a risk assessment can be found at the Health and Safety Executive. Safety considerations include first aid, fire safety, evacuation, security, food safety, facilities and accessibility.

You should also consider public liability coverage and licencing especially if your event involves the sale of alcohol and public entertainment. Speak with your local authorities, the police and other relevant parties as necessary.

Survival cannot take responsibility for any injury, losses or damage caused or sustained as a result of fundraising events held in aid of Survival. It is the responsibility of the event organiser to comply with legal and safety regulations.

Whatever you decide to do, we’d love to hear what you’re planning.
Please get in touch and good luck with your event!